Process serving notary

General Notary Service

♦ Power of Attorney

♦ Personal Legal documents

♦ Transfers of Real Estate

♦ Real Estate Loans

♦ Financial Documents

♦ Wills & Trusts

♦ Family matters

♦ Guardianships 

♦ Health Care Directives

♦ Medical Release Forms 

♦ DMV Documents

♦ Copy Certification by Document Custodian

♦ Acknowledgement / Affirmations

♦ Domestic Partnerships

♦ Sworn Oaths

♦ And All Other Documents allowed by              California Law

When to Use a Notary Public? 

Many people are not sure when and where is a good time to utilize a Notary service. Using a notary public can help lower the risks of doing business, Lower Cost, Helps Prevent Fraud and Can Help in Collections situations. The location doesn’t matter. A notary public can meet you at a particular destination or you can stop by their office.

Using a notary is important when disputes are litigated. Affidavits, which are sworn statements, will not be considered by a court unless they are notarized by a certified Notary Public.

A notary public helps keep business moving by giving you a very affordable extra layer of security against fraud and breach of contract. Notarizing business agreements lets you concentrate on getting the job done. While the duties of public notaries might be simple to execute, they are extremely important and valuable.

The official signature and/or embossing stamp automatically makes a document true and legal. The truth is, a notary public cannot give legal advice to anyone; only a licensed attorney can do that for you. A notary witnesses the signing of the documents and ask each party for a sworn oath of authenticity. The document itself could still be declared fraudulent or unenforceable later in court proceedings. A notary public can only attest to the identities of the signatories and their own affirmations of authenticity at the time of notarization. If you would like more information, you can purchase the California Notary Public Handbook.  It includes all the California notary law updates, references the actual codes and is also simplified in layman’s terms. You can download for free or order a hard copy to be mailed to you. New, updated versions are released around January-February each year.

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